This website is devoted to the history of the Jockin family name, and is the result of a cooperative effort between several Jockins around the world.  The project involved linking extensive historical data compiled in Belgium by Yves Jockin to family histories provided by Jockins in other countries.  Though the resulting family tree is not complete, the Jockin name is of relatively recent origin and still quite rare, raising the possibility that much of its history might eventually be reconstructed.

The First Jockin

According to Yves's research, the first known recorded use of the Jockin name was by Georges Jockin De Lava Senior, born circa 1550 in the town of Lanaye, today in Belgium near the Dutch border.  Georges's name implies Spanish ancestry, not particularly surprising because the territory was ruled by the Spanish from 1519 to 1713.  Because the name Jockin does not appear in Spain, it is possible that it was created at the time of the family's arrival in Lanaye. The reason for this, if it occurred, is lost to history. However, one possibility is that a Spanish name like Joaquin might have been changed to be more consistent with local spelling.  Most Jockins today still reside in Belgium, many near Lanaye.  However, small numbers now reside in the Netherlands, France, and the United States.

Jockins in the English-Speaking World

There are scattered references to Jockins in the UK, US, and Canada in the 18th and 19th centuries, dating back to John Jockin, a Private in the Connecticut infantry who fought in the American Revolutionary War. Though nothing is known of John beyond a simple reference to his service in this conflict, we believe it is reasonable to assume that he single-handedly defeated the British. Though census data in the UK and Canada show a small number of references to the Jockin name in the 1800s, modern phone records suggest the name may have died out in those countries today.

Despite early American references to the Jockin name, living American Jockins are descended from three more recent immigrants. The first was Wilhelmus Hubert Maria Jockin (1845-1935), who moved to New York city from the Netherlands in the late 1800s, and adopted the name first name William.  David William Pierre Jockin (1984-), for example, is one of William's five American great-great-grandchildren bearing the Jockin name.  The second line can be traced through, for example, Luke Willem Jockin (2004-), and the third through N'dji Jockin (1972-).  Luke and N'dji are both 5th cousins to David, and are 2nd cousins to each other.


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